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Please note the second phone number on the leaflet for the team should be 07774177885


Dear Clerk to the Council,

I apologize if this e-mail arrives twice. Problems with the system this morning appear to be causing some messages to become lost, so I’m sending this one again as a precaution.

Over the last week, bus companies have lost up to 90% of their passengers, leading many to drastically reduce services. Stagecoach today are implementing reductions across their network, details of which appear on their web site.

We do not have sufficient information to know the make-up of the 10% (and falling) remaining passengers. Some will be key workers needing to travel. There may be other essential purposes, whilst some may be travelling against official advice. Some may be best assisted by referral to the many community initiatives, information on which is available locally or on-line through web sites, Facebook etc.

In an effort to cater for key workers, the County Council is trialling a demand-responsive taxi facility, offering a heavily subsidized fare, designed to provide journeys no longer possible by public transport because of service reductions. Details will be going today to the press, local parish councils and other contacts. Bus companies have also been asked to identify if possible where these issues arise and to refer passengers to the e-mail address given. Stagecoach on their web site have included a facility to individuals to make themselves known and have agreed to forward any relevant data to us.

The scheme is aimed to be as straightforward as possible. Key workers who find themselves in difficulty getting to work because of public transport reductions are asked to contact us by e-mail and we will try as quickly as possible to make regular arrangements with any available taxi company. If the travel requirement is regular, the individual will need to contact us only once.

With experience over the next few weeks, the scheme will be reviewed.


Due to the reduction of bus services across the county, Devon County Council are trialling an on-demand subsidised taxi service for Devon residents for key workers accessing employment only.

This service is intended to replace those journeys which were previously made by bus – a subsidised flat fare will be charged.

Requests can only be made by email and should be sent to

Please include the following information in your email:


JOURNEY REQUIREMENTS (pick up/drop off)

We will aim to respond to all requests as soon as possible during normal office hours – journeys should be booked 48 hours in advance of travel.

Kind regards,

John Richardson-Dawes,

Principal Transport Co-ordinating Officer,

Transport Co-ordination Service,

Devon County Council,

County Hall, Exeter, Devon, EX2 4QD.

Tel. 01392 383000 (when prompted, ask for John Richardson-Dawes)

For public transport information in Devon, visit:
Traveline: 0871 200 22 33

Concessionary Bus Travel: 01392 383688

The aim is to provide information about the work of the Council and to give access to articles or items which may be of interest to the Community. The Parish Council works with individuals, local organisations and businesses to bring about improvements in the well-being of our society and environment whilst preserving our local heritage. The Council represents the best interests of the village in partnership with Teignbridge District Council, Devon County Council as well as national bodies such as the Environment Agency and the RSPB.


Shaldon Parish boundary marked in blue – various granite boundary markers can be found around the periphery.

Shaldon Parish Council was set up in 1984.

For further interesting facts and figures about Shaldon and Stokeinteignhead Ward (Dec 2011).


The Parish Council is a statutory body and is subject to relevant local government legislation and its powers and functions are limited by legislation.
The Council comprises 7 Councillors who are elected every 4 years and a part-time Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer.
If a vacancy occurs between elections candidates can be co-opted or there can be a bye-election.
The Parish Council raises money through the Council Precept which is collected as a part of your Council Tax, the level of Precept is set on an annual basis.
The Council’s responsibilities include commenting on Planning Applications, local Emergency Planning including organising a volunteer team to close the 10 flood prevention gates and arranging for salt to be spread on icy side roads, administering and maintaining Parish assets such as The Green and Ferry shelter.
We discuss local affairs from parking issues to the location of bins, we organise an annual Bonfire & Fireworks Night (which is run by a Sub Committee) and are sometimes able to financially support local events and organisations.
Working Groups are set up to make recommendations about specific issues. A great deal of work is done between meetings.

CONTACT OUR CLERK: Karen Turner 8 St Bartholomews Road Ogwell TQ12 6GP or
T: 07950155367

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