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I believe that something good always shines through when you are managing a challenging year. SPC were delighted when they received a letter and two certificates from the RHS, someone had kindly nominated two Councillors for their hard work Derek and Danielle of course there are many more people to thank Boyce’s who look after the floral displays, the Friends Of the Botanical Gardens who volunteer to help in the Gardens and Gary the Gardener, as well as the remaining Councillors who all work as a fantastic team. Lastly thank you to all the residents of Shaldon who allow the Parish Council to set a budget to ensure that Shaldon certainly looks a perfect picture village all year round. Well done everybody.

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Dear Clerk to the Council,

New Teignbridge bus timetable

Please should you be alone and need assistance during the current Coronavirus outbreak we will do our best to put you in contact with the necessary help. Even though we are currently
working from home we are all very much contactable do not hesitate to ring one of us if you need help.

The Shaldon and Ringmore Parish News magazines are currently not being printed but you can read them online :
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Teignbridge Local Plan Part 1 2020 – 2040 Draft Plan
The review will be open for 12 weeks until the 15th June 2020.

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VE Day Street Party 8th May 2020 – We are so sorry but we have had to CANCEL this event we hope we can all get together soon. Stay safe.



Despite the terrible weather earlier in the day, our annual Bonfire and Fireworks Event took place on the evening of Saturday 2nd November 2019, with a magnificent castle bonfire on Shaldon River Beach, lit appropriately by the Water Carnival Queen Elise Rowbury, and a spectacular firework display over the estuary. Once again thousands of people of all ages came together in Shaldon to enjoy the event. Their appreciation of the efforts made by all involved in organising the Event was obvious from the fabulous amount of just over £3000 donated in the bucket collection. Thank you to everyone who gave money and especially to the village businesses who donated significant sums in support: Coast View Holiday Park, the Ferry Boat Inn, the London Inn, Lollie Bean and Cottages South West.
Absolutely vital to the success of the Event are the volunteers who helped us in so many ways on the day –
Our brilliant bucket collectors: Alistair and Judy Dewhirst, Peter Stokes and team, Ken Coulson, Steve Wise, Danielle Westlake, Richard Davies, Helen Woodward, David Rowbury and Nicola Hamblin;
The amazing bonfire builders who defied the storm: Andy Burnham, James and Matt Crawford, Derek Woodward, Tim O’Donnell, Brian Hamblin, Colin Stidworthy, Mauritso Pupi, Richard Salmon, Ian Clarke, Sean Mason, Jess and Paul Edworthy, Gavin Lilley, Stuart Tate, Matt Simmons, Gary Curtis, Kenny Slinger and Simon Dorey;
The delicious catering team who cooked and sold hundreds of burgers and hotdogs: Phil Beatty, Anouchka Keay, Nic Dunn, John Wood, Karen and Peter Turner, Declan Parker, Gary Chapple, Andy Clark, Steve Clark and John Roach;
The learned judges of the Best Shaldon Guy Competition (which was won by James Shill and Sir Cardboardalot): Shirley Porteous and Annie and Barry Mears of the Over Sixties Club;
Stalwart village volunteer Chris Clarance for his unrivalled PA skills and, together with Sally Clarance and Heather Crawford, for the time-consuming task of counting the money from the buckets.
The following people and organisations contributed vital supplies and other assistance – Mickey and Toni Bolsworth, John Towill, Peter French, Red Rock Electrical, Adrian Lesley, Andrew Burgess and Stuart McMinn.
A number of those named even volunteered for more than one of these duties. Our grateful thanks go to absolutely everyone who helped and our sincere apologies if your name has not been specifically mentioned here.
As the extensive list of volunteers shows, the Bonfire and Firework Event in Shaldon is a truly impressive community effort and this was commented on and appreciated by numerous visitors to the village that evening. Well done Shaldon and we are already looking forward to doing it all again next year!



The annual Bonfire and Fireworks event will take place on Saturday 2nd November 2019. There will again be a magnificent Castle – themed bonfire on Shaldon River Beach, and a spectacular firework display will be launched from the Point at Teignmouth.
The bonfire will be lit at 6.30pm, with the firework display starting at 7.15pm.
We will of course need children in the village to make Guys for the bonfire, so look forward to receiving brilliant, eye – catching Knights, Princesses, Dragons or anything else your children think would look good on our fiery castle. All Guys should be brought to the beach between 10am and 3pm on the 2nd November, and the best will earn a cash prize.
As well as the delicious Orsman’s BBQ on the beach, this year there will also be stalls along Marine Parade, so make sure you come along early for treats to sweeten, and brighten, up the night.
If you can spare a few hours to help out at this free, family-orientated event, we’d love to hear from you. Please email your details to Karen, the Shaldon Parish Clerk. Her address is

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