Meetings and Minutes


On every fourth Tuesday of the month there is a Planning Meeting followed by a Full Council Meeting – no meetings in August and December.

The meetings are held at the Methodist Church Hall and begin at 6.45pm. Where there is a full council meeting, the planning meeting is held towards the end of this.

Agendas for forthcoming meetings will be placed on the Parish notice board (beside the Newsagent) 3 working days before the meeting.

An Annual Parish Meeting is held in April


SPC’s Planning Committee:

Councillors volunteer to join the Planning Committee
The Chairman of the Planning Committee is elected by fellow Councillors at the meeting after the AGM or at the following Full Council Meeting
A quorum shall be no less than three of those members
The Committee has delegated powers to:
Make representations to TDC on planning applications received within Shaldon Parish area
Make representations in respect of appeals against refusal of planning permission.
Issues the Parish Council can normally consider:
Overlooking and loss of privacy
Adequate parking and servicing
Overbearing nature of proposal
Loss of trees
Loss of ecological habitats
Design and appearance
Layout and density of buildings
Effect on listed building(s) and conservation areas
Access and highways safety
Traffic generation
Noise and disturbance from the scheme
Disturbance from smells
Public visual amenity (not loss of private individual’s view)
Flood risk
Details of planning applications can be seen at:

DateDescriptionAgenda Minutes
24 July 2018Full Council Meeting2018 07 24 Agenda July 182018 07 24 SPC July 18
24 July 2018Planning Meeting2018 07 24 Planning Agenda20180724 Planning Mins July 24
23 August 2018Planning Meeting2018 08 23 Planning Agenda20180823 Planning Mins Aug 23 v2 (Karen Turner)
11 September 2018Planning Meeting2018 09 11 Planning Agenda20180911 Planning Mins 11 Sept 18 v2
25 September 2018Full Council Meeting2018 09 25 Agenda September 18 2018 09 25 SPC September 18
25 September 2018Planning Meeting2018 09 25 Planning Agenda20180925 Planning Mins 25 Sept 18
9 October 2018Planning Meeting2018 10 09 Planning Agenda20181009 Planning Mins 09 Oct 18
23 October 2018Planning Meeting2018 10 23 Planning Agenda20181023 Planning Mins 23 Oct 18
23 October 2018Full Council Meeting2018 10 23 Agenda October 182018 10 23 SPC October 18
27 November 2018Planning Meeting2018 11 27 Planning Agenda20181127 Planning Mins 27 Nov 18 V2
27 NovemberFull Council Meeting2018 11 27 Agenda November 18
11 December 2018Planning Meeting2018 12 11 Planning Agenda20181211 Planning Mins 11 Dec 18 v2
8 January 2019Planning Meeting2019 01 08 Planning Agenda
22 January 2019Full Council MeetingAgenda 22 January 2019

Beach Lease
22 January 2019Planning Meeting2019 01 22 Planning Agenda
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