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In this section we feature items of interest about Shaldon village - its history,community,features and landmarks.

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Seine Boat Fishermen

were featured in a June 2013 edition of Countryfile on BBC One.
Shaldon received rave reviews from Countryfile recently when the team visited Shaldon to film the Seine Boat fisherman in action on the Teign estuary. The village was described as "the prettiest seaside village" in Devon and residents were delighted to see local well known fishermen featured with lots of interesting information about the centuries old tradition of Seine fishing.

Here is some advice from the RSPB on how you can help the birdlife in Shaldon, Devon
In winter birds are going to rely on us to help them through so please keep your feeders well stocked throughout. With bird food, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for and much of the bird food sold is of poor quality. The secret is in good quality seeds and fat balls which have a high nutritional content. I use Sunflower hearts and good quality fatballs which are rapidly eaten by finches, tits and birds of the woods surrounding my home but nyjer seed will normally attract Goldfinches, Siskins and even Redpolls. Water is also vital for drinking and keeping feathers in tip top condition but do clean your feeders and water bowls fortnightly with a mild detergent to prevent the spread of disease.

Rosa, the White-faced Saki monkey-Shaldon Zoo-

Where do we come from? - The tropical rainforest of South America
Why are we called White-faced Saki monkeys? because males have a white ring around their faces (females only have a white stripe either side of their nose
How far can we jump? we move mainly in leaps and can jump up to 10 metres
Who do we share our enclosure with? we live with Quimili and Ria the Golden-headed lion tamarins
Who are our neighbours? we can see the Meerkats and Tamiop squirrels
What do we eat in the zoo? a variety of fruit, vegetables, sunflower seeds, nuts and insects
How warm do we like our enclosure? Our enclosure is 22c
What do we like doing? We love to be groomed by each other
How would we scare away a predator? - We would growl, shake our shaggy fur and use our body to shake branches
How many babies do you have? We have one baby at a time.